Easy access to comprehensive 3D geometry and image data

Whether rail or road corridors, open roads or tunnels, the Amberg CloudPlatform brings the entire infrastructure corridor to the desk of your customers. This facilitates virtual inspections, efficient mapping work and thereby saves timeconsuming field surveys. Tasks within the web client are simple and intuitive.

The Amberg Cloud Platform can also link to an existing geographical information system (GIS), as well as to numerous third party systems. Existing geodata can be refined or maintained. It is also easy to exchange data between numerous different systems. Amberg Technologies is proud to offer this solution to our customers with the support of infra3D.


The following services are provided by our new organisation Amberg Infra 7D. Learn more and get in touch at www.amberginfra7d.com 

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3D Scan-Data brought to your customers’ desk.

Everywhere available 24/7. Easy to use. Easy to share.

  • Amberg IMS / GRP 5000 system
  • Amberg Surveying Teams
  • 3D geometry and image data can be uploaded via web client to the Amberg CloudPlatform
  • Data are processed and made available
  • Access survey results by sending the distinct URL to an unlimited number of shareholders and customers
  • Customers are enabled to work with the survey results using standard web browsers – anywhere and anytime
  • User and role management for controlled access to survey data
  • Efficient: 3D virtual inspections at your desk
  • Simple: Measured values can be checked intuitively and directly in a standard browser
  • Integrable: The Amberg CloudPlatform can link to an existing geographical information system (GIS) as well as numerous third-party systems
  • Intuitive: The planning, presentation and communication of projects is simplified by the image database
  • Safe: Online inspections in the virtual 3D environment minimize on-site inspections in difficult environments to a minimum