Whether it’s a subway tunnel in London, a hydroelectric plant on the Amazon river, the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland or a high-speed rail route in China: construction projects of this magnitude are nothing unusual for Amberg Technologies AG.


All around the world, Amberg Technologies provides vital information to build and maintain transport infrastructures.


Underground applications

The applications developed by Amberg Technologies ensure that underground infrastructures can be built and maintained with the highest standards of quality.


Energy & Water

Be it a shaft for a hydropower plant or a repository for nuclear waste, Amberg Technologies supports the constructors and the operators with its expertise in geoengineering.


Our innovation - your success

Based on solid know-how dedicated to building and maintaining civil infrastructures with a focus on railway and tunneling, the solutions and services from Amberg Technologies enjoy an outstanding reputation around the globe for their excellent quality and reliability.

We are the global market leader in the area of railway and tunnel surveying and offers our products and services through a network of more than 30 sales partners in over 40 countries. 

Our field-proven concepts integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and increase the performance of our customers in more than 50 countries

Amberg Technologies is a Swiss company belonging to the Amberg Group. The services of the Amberg Group encompass interdisciplinary planning processes, consulting, project management as well as research and development related to civil infrastructure systems. The individual firms of the Amberg Group rank among the leading companies in their respective fields of specialisation.

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Research & Development

The success of Amberg Technologies lies in our capacity to innovate and constantly enhance our products and solutions.

A detailed analysis and a deep understanding of the operational processes of our customers enable our interdisciplinary development team to realise innovative and highly integrated systems, solutions and services. This is how at Amberg Technologies we create additional value for our clients. 

Amberg Technologies participates in international research projects and knowledge transfers related to solutions in the infrastructure sector. The intense exchange of experience with customers, partners and the companies of the Amberg Group ensures that we develop practical solutions suitable for construction sites.

With our spirit of innovation and our comprehensive service package, we aim to build a long-term relationship with our customers.

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