Surveyors in the mining industry fulfill an essential function since they provide indispensable information to all the other mining disciplines. Mining surveyors are responsible for the accurate measurement of the areas and volumes minedas well asthe precise representation of the surface and underground situation on mining plans.

Amberg Tunnel Seismics

The non-destructive geophysical method TSP® 303 – 3D Tunnel Seismic Prediction investigates the rock mass ahead of the face, detects hazardous fault zones and cavities, explores water bearing formations, spots changes in rock mechanical parameters, identifies risks and  helps make the right decisions


Amberg Geotechnics

The Amberg Geotechnics software application is an indispensable tool for surveyors and geotechnical engineers working on underground construction projects. This comprehensive soft-ware solution allows efficient and cost-effective observation and evaluation of deformations and settlements in tunnel construction as well as in operation and maintenance.


Amberg Navigator

Tunnel heading guidance and control has never been as easy as with Amberg Navigator. The Amberg Navigator tablet is operated by the tunnelling crew or surveyor on-site. The tasks ar-ranged in the Amberg tablet software based on the project-specific applications provide fully automatic control of the total station, laser scanner or Leica MultiStation according to the tasks selected.


Amberg Profile

It has never been easier to transform tunnel measurements into reports. The Amberg Profile office software is able to transform the measurements from total stations into reports tailored to meet your needs. A seamless workflow is guaranteed by using Amberg Navigator or Amberg Applications for making the measurements.


Amberg Tunnelscan

Amberg Tunnelscan is the powerful data collection and evaluation software for laser scanner measurements in tunnel projects. Together with the high-performance imaging scanner from Amberg Technologies, it forms the most powerful system solution on the surveying market for as-built tunnel documentation and analysis.