Successful underground construction calls for high performance paired with cutting-edge technology.

Unknown geological hazard zones can seriously affect production efficiency and thus significantly increase costs and construction time in underground excavation. Early knowledge of geological uncertainties in the rock mass is the key factor for efficient risk management.
Amberg is a leading provider in the field of geophysical exploration in underground construction. Amberg Geophysics solutions provide important insights into the ground ahead of the working face.

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Amberg Geophysics Solutions

Tunnel Seismic Prediction

See ahead - build safer!

Successful tunnel builders do not leave it to chance to encounter unknown geological hazard zones. Tunnel Seismic Prediction is their key to success.


Geophysical Services

Do you lack the time, personnel or equipment for seismic exploration? Then rely on our service of Tunnel Seismic Prediction by one of our experts on site and leave the geological characterisation to us.