Robust and powerful system for reliable and precise track geometry measurements and track defect identification according to EN-13848 European standard or any other user-defined.

  • Relative track geometry measurements in the fastest possible way
  • Real-time track defect identification and classification
  • Striking track defect visualization, analysis, and reporting
  • Unmatched track data evaluation thanks to the merging and monitoring of several measurements
  • Two standalone software solutions that seamlessly fuse the field and office worlds: Amberg TRACK PRO FIELD and Amberg TRACK PRO OFFICE

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Amberg's Inspection Solutions

Amberg Inspection IMS Relative

The Amberg GRP System FX II is a new generation measuring system based on the proven GRP System FX.


GRP System FX

Amberg GRP System FX is the proven, universal system solution for acquiring precise track geometry and track environment data.


GRP System FX II

The Amberg GRP System FX II is a new-generation measuring system manufactured based on the well-proven GRP System FX.