Amberg's solutions support underground construction in all construction phases. Our System Solutions combine precise measuring instruments with task-specific software to significantly improve efficiency in tunnel construction and maintenance projects. A high degree of automation in measurement tasks, constant integration of customer feedback and innovative products are the foundation of our success.


Modern tunnelling is subject to numerous demands: tunnelling companies must keep costs low, finish projects in less time and still keep up with the high quality and safety standards. 



Underground railways are fast, environmentally friendly, efficient and an ideal solution for transporting passengers, particularly in densely populated areas. However, crossing under urban areas presents a particular challenge for tunnel construction.



Geospatial data forms the foundation of mining. The rapidly evolving innovations in the geomatics sector are bringing previously unforeseen opportunities that will provide a major boost, both to mining surveyors and the mining industry. 



Shafts are indispensable infrastructure structures. Their sustainable and forward-looking management as well as its value preservation require profound knowledge of their condition. Systematic and periodic state assessment are fundamental for its value retention throughout the whole life-cycle.