Modern tunnelling is subject to numerous demands: tunnelling companies must keep costs low, finish projects in less time and still keep up with the high quality and safety standards.

Tunnel surveying is one of the core competencies of Amberg Technologies AG. The comprehensive surveying services and the use of innovative measurement solutions contribute significantly to the promotion of efficient construction processes and high project safety. 

Many years of experience paired with innovative Amberg surveying solutions - Our tunnel surveying experts offer all surveying and monitoring tasks for every construction phase from a single source.


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Tunnel guidance

Precise, efficient and reliable to your destination

Whether conventional or mechanical tunnelling Amberg Technologies supports you during tunnel construction with all necessary surveying services.

Guidance of tunnel heading for:

  • Tunnel boring machines    
  • Roadheaders
  • Conventional tunnelling
  • Pipe umbrella tunnelling
  • Provision of Amberg measurement solutions for autonomous surveying work by entrepreneurs: Amberg Navigator, Amberg Applications
  • Compaction of fixed point networks
  • Control of tunnel heading: Profile measurements, 3D convergence measurements, Laser scanning after every advance
  • Stake out work

Monitoring the tunnel structure

More information, more safety

A tunnel construction involves many dangers, especially during construction but also during operation.

Comprehensive geotechnical and surveying data help to identify risks at an early stage and contribute significantly to the safety of personnel in the tunnel. Amberg Technologies uses the synergies of tunnel surveying and innovative sensor technology as well as measurement solutions to optimise costs.

Automated GeoMonitoring

Automated and manual geotechnical measurements

  • Extensometer
  • Inclinometer / Amberg SlopeControl
  • Sliding deformeter
  • Pressure load cells
  • Anchor load measurement
  • Inclination sensors
  • Strain gauge
  • Optical 3D convergence measurements
  • Tape extensometer
  • Piezometer / Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Vibration measurements

Amberg SlopeControl:

  • Pipe umbrella monitoring

Laser scanning

Amberg GEOvis

  • Provision of measurement results on web platform

Building documentation

Whether directly after the excavation, the application of the shotcrete, the installation of the inner shells or the installation of the tunnel technology - a complete and precise definition of the completed structure is of great value for the subsequent maintenance and operation of the infrastructure.

Amberg offers comprehensive services with innovative technologies for the documentation of the infrastructure.

3D documentation with Amberg TunnelScan

  • Under/over profile reports
  • Undulation analyses
  • Calculation of excavation or material volume
  • Layer thickness documentation
  • FAir calculation
  • Analyses of heavy transports

Acceptance of the structure with Amberg MobileMapping

  • Geometric control of the finished building as well as the installations
  • Clearance analyses & Inspection of the tunnel surface
  • Crack detection
  • Documentation of installations
  • Railway technology, operation and safety installations 
  • Railway tracks
  • Database of fixed installations (DfA)
  • 3D modelling. Modelling BIM or RetroBIM  

Tunnel Inspection

Avoid the collapse

The inspection carried out on the basis of the high-resolution image data clearly documents the condition of the infrastructure object.

Changes to the object are clearly visualised on the Amberg Inspection Cloud thanks to standardised representations and damage catalogues.

  • Damage mapping with the support of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Inspection plans with damage phenomena
  • Damage and action report
  • Statistics
  • Provision of inspection on Amberg Inspection Cloud

Tunnel seismics

Don't leave tunnel construction to chance

Unknown geological hazardous zones can seriously decrease production efficiency and thereby significantly increase costs and construction time for underground construction. Advance notice of geological uncertainties in the rock mass is the key factor for efficient risk management.

Do you lack time, personnel or equipment for seismic exploration? Then, rely on our tunnel seismic service provided by one of our experts at your location and leave predict the possible fault zones to us.

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