Every second Thursday in November the time has come again. Then the future day takes place all over Switzerland. It is a unique opportunity for children to get an impression of the working world and to accompany grown-ups for a whole day. Whether veterinarian, banker, carpenter or teacher, every profession is represented. We at Amberg have also been enthusiastically involved for years when it comes to showing interested young people which varied professions are practised in our company. This year, the focus of the future day at Amberg was entirely on the products and services of Amberg Technologies.

Surveying on the test track in Regensdorf.

After the welcome in the morning and a little refreshment, our young guests were first allowed to take a seat with their related persons and spend the first two hours at their place of work.

After a short photo session and a spaghetti lunch, the first surveying task was on the agenda. The test track in Regensdorf had to be measured and at a temperature of 0° outside every kind of movement was welcome. Therefore, the Amberg Trolley was pushed diligently and the data recorded, which were then analyzed extensively in the warm office.

In the afternoon there was a varied parcours, during which the body heat and size of the girls and boys were measured at one post. In the second one, the challenges of railway surveying were visualized using a turning plate. At the third station, the children finally had the opportunity to test their perception of time with the sensors of the Tunnel Seismic Prediction system.

Entertaining, playful and varied: This is how our experts introduced young people to the professions of software engineer, hardware engineer, geomatics engineer and geophysicist.

The National Future Day exists since 2001. It was initiated by the Swiss Conference of Equal Opportunity Commissioners as part of the 16+ apprenticeship project and has become a success story. Today, hundreds of companies take part throughout Switzerland.