Amberg Technologies announces the launch of the new TSP Impact with Amberg TSP Ease 2.2 

When knowing about your ground is constantly improving!

TSP Impact is a powerful mechanical Impact Source for fast and continuous seismic Data Acquisition and the ultimate expansion to TSP 603 wireless. With the combination of both technical achievements, your TBM tunnelling becomes even more efficient and safer.

How does TSP Impact work in your TBM?

  • The pneumatic impact hammer is preferably mounted to a console behind the cutter head.
  • It requires the TBM’s supply of compressed air (7 bar) and power.
  • After each stroke when the TBM is at a  standstill, it autonomously stretches radially against the rock through an opening in the shield.
  • Immediately, striking of 5-10 shots starts and lasts only 1-2 minutes.
  • The hammer is completely controlled via the control box or wirelessly via the tablet.
  • The hammer’s procedure of Stretch-Shot-Relax is carried out after each stroke and at a different station.
  • With the data of min. 20 shot positions, an analysis and geological forecast is made.
Check out our TSP Impact Product video here

TSP Impact becomes a special experience with the new Amberg TSP Ease 2.2 software release. It takes over the complete hammer control from the tablet PC, wirelessly. 
Amberg TSP Ease thus demonstrates once again that it can master TSP operations in both mechanized and conventional tunnelling simply and straightforwardly.

These are some highlights:

In continuous measurement mode, the shot setup indicates the hammer and TSP 603 wireless status at a given face location. 
At any time, the hammer can be set to an emergency stop, which automatically retracts and secures it.

Continuous measurement mode means seismic data acquisition during excavation (TSPwE®), where the face moves, and data is acquired at different stations. 
This approach can be used in both TBM and D&B tunnelling methods to record more data quickly and smoothly. 
Once enough new data are collected, the geologic forecast can be updated.